TurboTec have strong quality value's and strict assembly policies.  Turbo have strong quality value's and strict assembly policies.  TurboTec also have a 12 month warranty on all remanufactured turbochargers.


TurboTec is based in Nigel, Gauteng, South Africa, but our customer base is Nation wide and Africa.


For TurboTec Turbocharger re-manufacturing is a way of live and a passion.

TurboTec specializing on all turbochargers, ranging from mine equipment machinery turbo's, earth moving equipment turbo's, diesel truck turbo's, and petrol turbo's to marine turbochargers.

TurboTec have a fully operational workshop to re-manufacture turbochargers back to factory specifications.

Our staff is fully trained in turbocharger remanufacturing standards.

TurboTec has set and maintain high standards regarding re-manufacturing, assembly and maintenance queries of all types of turbochargers.

The quality of service and repairs is done to manufactured specifications with the best equipment and parts on offer globally.

All re-manufactured turbochargers are VSR Balanced.

There are a big differences between a re-manufactured turbocharger and a rebuild turbo. Re-manufacturing means all dimensions and specifications comply to manufactured specifications.

TurboTec collects and deliver in a 120km raduis.  For all other collection and deliveries nation wide and neighboring countries we make use couriers service's.

TurboTec do have service exchange units available for most popular models.

TurboTec Value Added Service

TurboTec re-manufactucturing turbochargers involves the following:
  • Complete tear down, inspection and listing of components.
  • Cleaning and sandblasting.
  • Inspection and crack test parts.
  • Any engineering needed.
  • Check and verify for proper shaft straightness.
  • Actuator testing (pressure test or electronic calibration)
  • New repair kit:
  • Check bearing tolerances.
  • Re-assembled and pe-oiled turbocharger core according to the assembly list and I.D. of turbocharger.
  • Have the core VSR Balanced and complete assembly.

Customers of all re-maufactured turbochargers will receive a copy the warrenty instalation sheet

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